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We've got it all, from dirt and rock to pavers, block and even trees! All priced to go so stop in and get what you need. Looking for ideas? We've also got professional landscapers on staff available to answer questions or help with designs.

Dirt & Rock

Black dirt, gravel, rock, sand all readily available. We will deliver, or you can bring in a truck to pick it up. Anything you need from planting grass, preparation for a driveway or patio, or backfilling a foundation or wall.


LARGE, healthy trees, ready for transplant. We have dozens on site, and with our relationship with local growers we can get what you're looking for as quickly as you want it. We will both transport the trees and plant them to make the experience as easy as possible.

Block & Pavers

Westside Lumber is the place to go for AZEK VAST Pavers made from up to 95% recycled tires and plastics. We also the more traditional options with concrete and quarried stone. Come in and see our selection!


What color are you looking for? We've got it.

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